Spiritual Phoenix Studios

Welcome to Spiritual Phoenix Studios

In short, Spiritual Phoenix Studios primary purpose is to inspire spirituality and aid in alchemy. We accomplish this with divinely inspired gifts and items that assist your spiritual journey. Our weekly blog offers insight into the spiritual path and ways you can use nature to heal. Finally, The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast is a weekly dive into topics related to alchemy, spirituality, magic mysticism and more.

The Shop

In order to provide our customers with the best service our online shop gives you 24/7 access to our expansive inventory. With a large selection of incense, stones for healing, wire-wrapped jewelry and other unique gift ideas you are sure to find something you or your loved ones will appreciate. Be sure to check our show schedule to browse our inventory in person!!

The Blog

Spiritual Phoenix Studios blog offers information on following a spiritual path and personal healing. For one thing, we attempt to dispel common misconceptions by sharing insight from our personal experiences. We strive to cary our message in a light hearted yet respectful tone.

The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast

The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast is your opportunity to enjoy hours of content aimed at the Spiritual seeker. Much of the earlier content is intent on exploring the personal evolution of one man’s soul and finding the similarities in others journeys. Currently the show is transitioning to exploring other topics that impact the modern seekers.