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Welcome to Spiritual Phoenix Studios

You are a source of unlimited potential. Unfortunately, many of us lose sight of our true power. Our mission is to help you rise above your current limitations.  Only you can create your destiny but we are here to help.  


Tarot Readings

When used properly Tarot cards are an incredibly powerful tool of personal development.  However, the average person is far too busy to access their true potential. Thankfully in the modern world it’s easier than ever to book a reading with a talented card reader. Spiritual Phoenix Studios provides life-changing tarot card readings world-wide. We don’t tell your future, we help you create it.


Distance Reiki

Sometimes we need help dealing with life’s challenges. Reiki is an incredibly simple energy healing method that can make a big difference. Regardless if you are recovering from physical, mental, spiritual or emotional issues Reiki can help. Spiritual Phoenix Studios uses Practical Reiki which has been used by the Cleveland Clinic in Washington, D.C. Easily book an online session today and give your recovery an added boost. 


Crystals and More

Healing isn’t always easy and sometimes you need to reward yourself for all your hard-work. Spiritual Phoenix Studios’ online metaphysical shop is an opportunity to give unique gifts with extraordinary purpose to those who matter most. You can easily browse a wide assortment of high quality crystals and incense from the comfort of your own home. You’re sure to find something you love today!

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