The Power of Powerlessness

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The Power of powerlessness seems like a counter-intuitive title but it actual is a truth in my experience.   When we attempt to be powerful and believe we can control everything around us we actually prove how powerless we are.  When we admit we are powerless over many situations it allows us to focus our energy on area’s that we do have power over, our internal dialogue and actions.  Focusing on our own internal dialogue and actions is the tip of the iceberg but is a great example o the power of powerlessness.


An example to express the power of powerlessness


Let’s say there is someone you are attracted to and want to date, but they don’t want to date you. We will look at an example of exerting power and utilizing the power of powerlessness.  These examples come from my personal experience but I would assume many can relate.


An attempt to exert power over the situation

So the object of your affection has rejected your initial advancement.  You may now be more committed than ever to impress them.  Let’s say that you put more energy into being more likable, dressing better, trying to be more humorous, etc. for this one specific person.  Let’s say that still doesn’t work because you are powerless over the situation.  If you tried all of these things for one person and it still didn’t get their attention, you may now feel kinda crappy.  Changing yourself for someone has a way of sucking your energy out of you and making you feel like crap.


Recoginzing the power of powerlessness

So the object of your affection has rejected your initial advancements.  You realize that you cannot change their attitude towards you but you have recognized that there may be some things you could change inside of you.  You separate your happiness from them, they don’t complete you, you complete yourself.  You realize that if you constantly seek validation outside of yourself you are setting yourself up for misery.  You accept that while they are pretty special, so are you, you can’t change them, while you could chase them, you admit that it would be pointless.


Letting the power go

Like many things in life, if you set it free and it comes back it was meant to be.  Power is no different.  When we attempt to exert “power” over situations we actually suppress the power that we actually do have.  When we admit powerlessness over a situation, which the majority of our life would fall under, we are actually able to access the real power in our lives.  The real power is an overbearing dominance, it is the ability to make minute internal changes that manifest into big dramatic changes over time.  When you can recognize the power of powerlessness, you are able to move mountains and chart your own course to the stars.

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Ross Cessna

Ross Cessna

I'm a dog lover, a coffee enthusiast, avid reader, explorer of nature and occasional video gamer. On the weekends I'm an ever evolving fractal of the infinite universe.

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