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Everything about Spiritual Phoenix Studios is wonderful. No pressure, fab gem selection - quite reasonably priced. Definitely stop by SP's table(s) if ever at an Holistic event! You will leave fully charged & feeling great!
My reading with Ross was very accurate, helpful and life changing. He’s explanation is very easy to understand and comes from the heart. Very grateful and many blessings
Ross is hands down one of the best. He is very compassionate and funny. He explains everything in great detail and with a deeper understanding and explanation so you can move in the right direction.


A tarot party is a private get together with a tarot reader and the people you choose!

It’s up to you, it’s your party! Generally, we recommend purchasing enough time so that everyone gets at least 10 minutes!

You sure can!  Hosting a tarot party can be a great way to make money! 

We normally charge $45 for a ten minute reading.

If you’re able to get your friends to pay $45 per ten minute reading you can make $125 an hour for hosting.

There’s a lot of variables involved and it’s taken on a case by case basis.  This is best for clients and us!

Message us to learn more!

Our booking link only has our regular office hours.  We are willing to book after those hours but it needs to be approved.  Please contact us via messenger!

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