Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

The Two of Cups is about partnership and attraction! You will be drawing the right people into your life to make great things happen. While it may be a new romantic partner, be open to other connections as well. New friendships, business partnerships, and even communities can manifest. Open up to broadening your social circle!

Two of Cups

Two of Cups Key Meanings

  • Love
  • Partnerships
  • Harmony
  • Cooperation

Two of Cups Reversed

  • Imbalance
  • Quarreling
  • Misunderstandings


  • Comfort
  • Rest
  • Deeper Connection


  • New Love
  • Harmony
  • Deeper Understanding


  • New Ventures
  • Collaboration
  • New Opportunities

Astrological Sign or Planet

Venus in Cancer:

  • Values emotional bonds
  • Sensitive soul
  • Easily ruffled by others emotions
  • Shuts off when facing rejection



  • Emotional energy
  • Compassion
  • Intuitive, Empathic
  • Genuine, Heartfelt


Calcite, Carnelian, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Sapphire


What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Two of Wands?

You’ve cultivated a state of being capable of attracting the right connections into your life. Open up to letting new people into your world.

Is the Two of Cups a bad card?

No! The Two of Cups is all about attracting people who value and respect you! While this might be uncomfortable for loners, even they will enjoy the company!

What does the Two of Cups mean in a general reading?

When upright, this card is a sign that you are attracting the right people into your life! Get ready for supportive relationships that help you grow and expand!

When reversed, this card shows that you will be bumping heads with those closest to you. It’s best to take the high road whenever possible right now!

What does the Two of Cups say about my home-life?

You can expect a little more peace and harmony than usual. Life is going to flow sweetly, and it’s a time for rest! Additionally, be prepared for some pleasantly unexpected guests!

What does the Two of Cups mean in a relationship reading?

If you’re single, this card shows you attracting the right kind of partner. Take it slow and play it cool! Moving too fast can throw things off balance!

If you’re in a relationship, this shows a deepening connection between you and your partner! Are you ready to take your love to the next level?

What does the Two of Cups mean in a career reading?

If unemployed, you’re going to attract the perfect job soon!

If employed, you will be getting a promotion or a better job offer soon!

If self-employed, you will be attracting clients or like minds that help propel your business forward!


Twos are all about duality, and balance and cups are about the emotions. Collectively this means you will be encountering someone who emotionally balances you!


A woman and man face each other, offering the other a cup! Between them are a caduceus and a lions head! Together, these symbols represent the healing potential of sharing your emotions with another and the act’s passion!

In the background, we see green hills and a small cottage. These symbols reflect the potential for building a life with this person!

Upright Meaning of The Two of Cups

You are on the cusp of attracting the perfect partner. While this card often shows a lover or a deepening of a romantic relationship, it can be any new or deepening connection. Be open to new possibilities and learn to let life flow more fluidly!

Reverse Meaning of The Two of Cups

It might be a wise idea to take a step back right now. You are likely going to be bumping heads with those closest to you, and there’s not much you can do. Be sure to pick your battles wisely, and don’t hesitate to allow others to be wrong without a fight. It’s time to take the high road for your peace of mind!

Self Reflection

The Two of Cups is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • How can you express your emotions more openly?

  • Who can help you achieve your goals?

  • When has helping someone else helped you?

  • When has sharing your feelings with another helped you heal?

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