The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

When The Magician card appears in a tarot reading, it’s saying, “you have the power to create.”  Are you willing to answer this call?  While you may wish to ignore this opportunity, wasted enthusiasm spoils a soul. You are encouraged to take creative action from the depth of your heart and manifest your deepest desires.  The real power of the magician doesn’t lie within his spells, but in doing the work, few are willing to do. 

The Magician

The Magician Key Meanings

  • Power
  • Skill
  • Construction
  • Creating change

The Magician Reversed

  • Falling victim to charm
  • Creative blocks
  • Delay to travel plans
  • Miscommunication


  • House sale completed
  • Time to move forward with a remodeling
  • A sociable time


  • Love is coming
  • (In a Relationship)
  • Deeper Commitment
  • Unification
  • Great Communication


  • New Beginnings
  • New Employment
  • A new direction in current work

Astrological Sign or Planet


  • What you think you create
  • Communication aids manifestation
  • Travel to expand influence



  • Objective, analytical
  • Knowledge oriented
  • Rational mind
  • Strong abilities for communication


Is the Magician Card Bad?

Typically, this card is positive. It expresses the truly creative potential of the individual. However, this power can become corrupted if one isn’t wise about how they use it. Energy is neutral, but that wield it aren’t.

What does the magician mean in a general reading?

You can create amazing things in your life. It only requires you to show up and do the work!

The reversed magician is falling prey to fantasy. Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and destruction are soon to follow.

What does the Magician say about my home-life?

You are going to experience some beautiful changes in your life. Be open to new opportunities.

What does the Fool Mean in a relationship reading?

If you’re single, you can expect a new love interest. If you’re in a relationship, a deepening of your connection will unfold.

What does the Fool Mean in a career reading?

Your career is going to change. Prepare yourself for new opportunities and some of the excitement that goes along with them.


The number one represents the magician. The energy of the number One is active and shows the potential for creating significant changes in whatever you are pursuing. The one symbolizes the creative and independent individuals’ ability to maintain stability without external support. One also represents confidence and self-sufficiency.


All of the elements of the minor arcana represent the wizard’s self-mastery. Blossoming roses and lilies show the creative power of this card. The feminine energy of the rose represents the magician’s passion for life and also birth or materialization. The masculine energy of the lilies is a symbol of the spiritual world and the pursuit of knowledge. Finally, the infinity symbol shows that even upon achieving the magician’s purity, the process for growth is infinite.

Upright Meaning of The Magician

This card embodies the creative and constructive power of the mind. When one has the focus necessary to study the various elements required for personal alchemy, the potential is limitless. The magician is a self-mastery card, and it either marks a degree of achieving this aim or is calling you to pursue this path further. To reach your full potential, you must dive into the depths of your study and learn to explore your inherent wisdom.

Reverse Meaning of The Magician

When this card comes up in reverse, it represents the misuse of power, often to destructive ends. Despite having the potential for adverse outcomes, this might not always be the case. The use of creative elements for destruction can liberate an individual from mental slavery and allow them to live outside of the status quo.

Self Reflection

The magician is asking you to consider the following questions:

  • What am I creating?
  • What are my intentions?
  • Who does this benefit?
  • Am I willing to keep an open mind?
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