When you receive this card in a tarot reading, it’s a sign of new beginnings. You are being encouraged to open up to new experiences! Start by thinking of what new opportunities are unfolding in your life. If you can’t pinpoint any at this time, think of where you would like some. However, it’s essential to stay mindful. Don’t become overly optimistic. If you’re not careful, this can signal the beginning of unfortunate events.  

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The Fool Main


The “Optimist” card

The Fool Meaning


The Fool Reversed



- Crown

Time Frame

0 - 30° Aquarius
Jan. 20th - Feb. 20th

Sign or Planet

Uranus: :
-Disruptive but exciting
-Encourages desires
-Unexpected events


-Objective, analytical
-Knowledge oriented
-Rational mind
-Good Communication


-Leaving home
-Surprise visitors
-Younger guests


-Go with the flow
-A new relationship


-New career
-Promotion at work





What is the energy of the Fool?

Upright: Lead with optimism but look before you leap.

Reversed: Slow down and make sure your decisions are wise.

Is it a bad card?

Upright: No!, this card shows open-mindedness leading to new destinations.  However, it may be uncomfortable.

Reversed: Possibly.  It can  be a warning that blind optimism and lack of planning will impact you negatively!

Is it a yes or no card?

Upright:  Yes

Reversed: No

What is the time frame for the Fool?

  • Now
  • Unknown
  • 0 – 30° Aquarius
  • Jan. 20th – Feb. 20th (Roughly)

What does the Fool mean in a tarot reading?

Upright: Open-mindedness and new opportunities await you. A sense of wanderlust and blind ambition are pushing you accomplish your goals  While modern society might view foolishness as a bad thing, it can be a great asset. Having an open mind can help you travel without emotional baggage.

Reversed: Stop overthinking! You’re holding back a lot of your potential but be mindful not to be too eager.  A lack of planning can come back to bite you. If you can learn to take calculated risks you will be ok!

What does the Fool say about my home-life?

Some changes are going to take place in your home life. You can expect to leave home, have younger guests, and surprise visitors.  Expect the unexpected!

What does the Fool mean in a love reading?

It’s a good sign to go with the flow. 

Single: A new partner is on the way!

In a relationship: Open up to your partners side of things and let go of control

What does the Fool mean in a career reading?

Unemployed: A new opportunity is coming.

Employed: A promotion or paid vacation in the near future!

Self-employed: Expanding into new areas or new ideas!

What does the numerology of the Fool mean?

0 represents freedom because it houses both formlessness and an empty fertile space for new things to grow. The fertility of the zero is why some call it the cosmic egg.

What does the symbolism of The Fool mean?

An androgynous figure about to step off a cliff. Often a small dog is trying to warn them of the impending danger. The little dog represents our animal instincts warning us of our folly, but we are being led by intuition and operating on higher consciousness.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Fool?

Faith tempered with reason can lead you to beautiful destinations.  However, you have to be willing to take the journey!

What are the elemental correspondences of the Fool?

Element: Air

Direction: East

Season: Spring

Time: Dawn

Jungian Function: Thinking

Meaning: Intellect, Mind, Breath

Polarity: Yang

Kaballistic World: Yetzirah: Formative World

What chakra is the Fool?

Chakra: Crown

Location: Above the Crown of Head


Color: Purple

Element: Bliss


Emotion: Bliss

Function: Illumination, Balancing lower Chakras

What is the Astrology of the Fool?

Planet: Uranus

A symbol of rebellion and change, Uranus represents innovation, idealism, and individual freedom.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (January 21 – February 19th)

An air sign, ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is the water bearer symbolic of independence and unpredictability.  Aquarians are idealistic and unconventional.

What does the The Fool mean in Kabbalah?

Hebrew Letter: Aleph

Path: 11

Between: Kether / Chokmah

English Letter: A

Symbol: Ox

Meaning: Instinct

What are some self reflection questions for the Fool?

Consider the following questions:

  • Where is a new beginning developing?

  • Where can you apply a fresh perspective?

  • When have you been optimistic about something new in life? 

  • When has open-mindedness helped you?

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