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3 Steps for a potent self-love ritual

Learning to love yourself isn’t always easy. The weight of the world and your old wounds can be a barrier to honoring who you are. Thankfully there are some simple steps you can take! Making a Self-Love ritual can get you on the path to a better life!

What is self-love?

Self-love is the act of appreciating who you are and the qualities you embody. Now, you might be thinking, “yeah, right, I’m a dumpster fire.” That’s ok; sometimes, a little sarcasm takes the sting off a tough life, and you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously. However, it’s not realistic to assume that you don’t have any good qualities and that you’re not worthy of love unless you’re perfect.

How can creating a self-love ritual help?

On average, the human mind has between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, and roughly 80% of them are negative. Now, if you consciously create time in your day or week for positive self-affirmations that reduce the percentage of negative self-image, just a smidge. Regularly engaging in self-love ritual helps increase your results! How much happier would you be if even 10% percent of your thoughts were more positive?

Steps for creating a Self-Love ritual

Step 1 - Self Awareness

As mentioned before, we tend to have a negative bias towards life and ourselves. However, our view of the world isn’t necessarily accurate. Yes, I’m telling you that there are good things about you and some qualities you’re overlooking. Please don’t get too big of a head about it; some parts of your personality are not so great. However, guess what that’s fine. Here’s an exercise I’d like you to try to get some self-awareness.

Self-Love Ritual Journaling

1) Write a list of ten things you dislike about yourself
2) Write a reason why, despite those, you are, in fact, still worthy of love.
3) Write a list of ten things you love about yourself.
4) Write a reason why you appreciate those qualities in yourself.
5) Think of ten things you would do for someone else you love.
6) Make a plan to do each one of those things for yourself.

How to create a Self-Love ritual

Step 2: Healing

Once you gain some awareness of yourself and what you are working with, you can begin to work on healing. A blend of practical and mystical approaches will generally help you achieve better results. Here’s a list of a few things that can help aid you in your healing process!

Self-Love ritual healing practices

1) 3 Awesome Heart Chakra Crystals
2) 5 Habits for a balanced heart chakra
3) Treat your self to something you love
4)Take time to rest and care for yourself
5) Taking a spa day or even just a unique bath

How to create a Self-Love ritual

Step 3: Intention

If you’ve read my blog before you know, that intention is the magic behind life. While taking the time to journal and use the healing practices mentioned above will help by themselves, charging them with intention will intensify their impact exponentially. You don’t have to go on a grand intention setting ritual either because a little bit of focused thought goes a long way.

Self-Love Ritual Intention

Say this to yourself:
I, (Your Name), intend to learn to love myself on a deeper level. I will begin to notice my strengths, and I will honor them. When I see my flaws, I will appreciate them and remind myself I am still loveable. Perfection isn’t a requirement for being worthy of love.

Closing Thoughts

As always, these suggestions are open source. When building your self-love ritual, adapt these steps and ideas as you see fit. One of the benefits of jailbreaking magic and self-discovery is you can determine what works for you. Which ironically is also a potent form of self-love. Finally, remember the most powerful spell will always be what comes from your heart!

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