self-esteem ritual

How to create a self-esteem ritual in 3 steps

Let’s face it, on average, our self-esteem is lower than it’s ever been. It’s impossible to avoid a constant assault on our way of being, and it gets exhausting. Thankfully, you can create a self-esteem ritual to pull you out of the doldrums.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is confidence in our worth or abilities. It’s similar to self- respect. However, much of what we are viewing as self-esteem is, in reality, an egoic mask. We’ve got to learn to be comfortable being ourselves!

How can creating a self-esteem ritual help?

Where attention goes, energy flows. This simple esoteric truism holds a lot of water. When we actively focus on finding value in our being the tangible rewards are amazing. We can enhance the benefits by structuring this reappraisal of our self worth in a ritual setting.

How to create a self-esteem ritual
Step 1: Self-Awareness

I cannot emphasize enough how vital self-awareness is in terms of any good spellwork. You need to know what you are working with before you begin. Addressing your starting point allows you to look at your strengths and weaknesses. Then from here, you can determine what you need to focus on next!

Ask yourself:
1) What do I appreciate about myself?
2) What would I like to change?
3) What are some things I could do that would make me feel proud of myself?
4) Am I willing to do the commonsense things and the ritual together?

How to Create a self-esteem ritual
Step 2: Healing

Unless we actively heal what is making us sick, any change we accomplish will be short-lived. Now that we have self-awareness from the previous step, it’s time to repair what we’ve uncovered!

Helpful healing energies to consider for your ritual:


 Creating a sacred space in your home or apartment can be an enriching and highly helpful practice. Investing a little time in creating one will be well rewarded!

I suggest decorating this space with things you find inspiring and exciting.

Where could you create such a space in your home?


Aromatherapy is a powerful tool on your journey to wellness. The smell is a part of the environment, and a pleasant aroma can go a long way!

My favorite scents for self-esteem are lemongrass, lavender, and jasmine!

What scents make you feel good about yourself?


Healing crystals are an obvious choice!

My favorite healing crystals for self-esteem are agate, chrysocolla, and smoke quartz!

Do you have any items that make you feel more confident!?

How to Create a self-esteem ritual Step 3: Intention

The intention is always the secret sauce. You can exchange or substitute other parts of this ritual, but if you don’t believe or at the very least suspend your disbelief, it won’t work.

1) What results am I hoping to achieve?
2) What words or phrases would help me bring this into being?
3) Am I confident that this will work or at least willing to try?
4) What are some practical things I can do in combination with this ritual?

Some final thought

Despite how many make it seem, ritual work is not an exact science. It varies for every individual, and you need to find what works for you. These are merely suggestions to get you started on your path, and you are highly encouraged to adapt this as you see fit.

TLDR - How to create a self-eseteem ritual

1) Self Awareness –

What do I like and dislike about myself?
What can I do to emphasize what I like and change what I dislike?

2) Healing –

How can I make a sacred space in my home?
What objects and scents make me feel good?

Intention –

How will success look?
How can I increase confidence or suspend my disbelief?

More Questions

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