Time Frame Reading | Informative & Fast 24 hour Delivery



Are you wondering when a critical life event will happen? A time frame reading can help you determine when it will happen. Clients often get these readings to learn when they will get pregnant, find a long term partner, or even a new career. However, we can use the tarot to answer any time-related question you may have!

Time Frame Reading | Informative & Fast 24 hour Delivery

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Time Frame  Reading Basics

Time Frame readings are an art unto themselves. Unless someone knows all the astrological positions of the cards, it’s hit or miss. Thankfully, all our Time Frame Readings use traditional astrological associations. When you order a time frame reading with us, you can be confident you’re getting accurate information.

Time Frame Reading FAQ

How will I receive my reading?

You will receive your reading via using the email address you entered when ordering.  

How long does it take to receive my reading?

We send all readings within 24 hours and most within 12 hours. However, to give you the highest-quality readings, we stop reading for the day at 5 pm. We record any readings purchased after 5 pm the following morning.

How do I receive my video reading?

We upload our readings to YouTube unlisted. Not only does this method keep your reading private, but you’re also able to rewatch your video whenever you want.

Is my reading private?

Yes. Only people with the link will be able to view the video. You are free to share it with others if you wish, though.

Do you offer live readings?

Yes. You can order one here.

Do I get a clarity question?

Yes. Everyone is allowed one clarity question per reading. Please ask your question within 24-48 hours.

Why don’t you have more reviews on your site?

Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve only recently begun offering readings on my site. You can view my reviews on EtsyFacebook, or Google if you’re curious. 

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