Hem Pure House Incense


Uses for Hem Pure House Incense

  • Clearing out any negative energies or entities
  • Making space for abundance
  • Removing hexes and black magic

1 Pack has 8 Sticks.  We sell packs individually or you can be six packs for the cost of five.

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Description for Hem Pure House Incense: 

Does your house need an energetic deep cleaning?  In that case the sweet vanilla aroma of Hem Pure House Incense is what you need. First of all you can use this incense to clear out negative energies or entities.  Another way to use this incense is to make space for more of what you want in your life.  Finally, this is a good scent to help remove hexes or black magic.

Visualization for Pure House:

Begin by closing your eyes.  Then visualize the negative energies or entities as a black or brown film over your environment. Lastly imagine the incense smoke emitting a radiant white light and wiping away this mess.

Additional information

Weight .602 oz
Dimensions 11 × .75 × .75 in
Number of packs

1 pack for $1.11, 6 packs for $5.55


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