Hem Frankincense Incense



Uses of Hem Frankincenses Incense

  • Dispeling negativity
  • Aiding spirituality
  • Purifying magical spaces
  • Protecting against evil
  • Assisting exorcism
  • Encouraging meditation
  • Promoting astral strength
  • Inducing psychic visions
  • Instilling courage
  • Attracting luck
  • Intensifying the effects of other incenses

1 Pack has 8 Sticks.  We sell packs individually or you can be six packs for the cost of five.

Hem Frankincense Incense

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Description for Hem Frankincense Incense :

Are you looking for a powerful incense? Hem Frankincense incense is a classic for obvious reasons. Burning Frankincense helps to dispel negativity, aid spirituality and purify magical spaces. Additionally, it’s useful in protecting against evil, exorcisms, assisting meditation and providing astral strength.  Furthermore, it can induce psychic visions, instill courage, attract luck and intensify the effects of other incenses.


Begin with closing your eyes.  While you begin to breath in imagine a golden light gently diffusing into your body. Then feel the light illuminating any dark or heavy energies and freeing you from any resistance.

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