Hem Dragons Blood Incense


Uses of Hem Dragons Blood Incense

  • Banishing entities
  • Cleansing a space
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Boosting the effectiveness of other incense, spells, and magic.

1 Pack has 8 Sticks.  We sell packs individually or you can be six packs for the cost of five.

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Description of Hem Dragons Blood Incense:

Do you need an aromatic yet metaphysically intense incense? If so, Hem Dragons Blood Incense fits the bill.  Dragons Blood is useful in banishing entities and/or cleansing a spaces. It has other uses too, including healing, protection, boosting the effectiveness of other incense, spells, and magic. All in all, Dragons Blood Incense is a must for any metaphysical practitioner.


Begin by closing your eyes. Then breath in and picture a radiant white light entering your body. Next visualize the room or space you are in becoming darker.  When you exhale imagine the radiant light pushing away the darkness with a gentle yet explosive force. Repeat as necessary.

Additional information

Weight .602 oz
Dimensions 11 × .75 × .75 in
Number of packs

1 pack for $1.11, 6 packs for $5.55


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