Hem Divine Healing Incense



Uses of Hem Divine Healing Incense

  • assists recovery from emotional wounds
  • clears energetic blocks
  • eases the release of trauma

1 Pack has 8 Sticks.  We sell packs individually or you can be six packs for the cost of five.



Description of Hem Divine Healing Incense:

Do you have energetic wounds that needed healing?  If so Hem Divine Healing incense can help. Burning this fragrance can help you recover from emotional wounds, clear energetic blocks and release trauma.


Close your eyes. Secondly imagine the energy of your higher power entering your space. After you feel your higher power focus on your breath.  When you breathe in picture a golden light entering your body through your crown chakra. Imagine the golden light is capable of of healing emotional wounds, removing energetic blocks and releasing old traumas.  Finally, feel the light flowing through your body carrying out this intention.

Additional information

Weight .602 oz
Dimensions 11 × .75 × .75 in
Number of packs

1 pack for $1.11, 6 packs for $5.55


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