Hem Clove-Cinnamon Incense



Uses of Hem Clove-Cinnamon Incense

  • Strengthens memory,
  • Gain protection from hostile negative forces
  • Elevates spiritual vibrations
  • Stimulates clairvoyance
  • Increases focus
  • Aides concentration

1 Pack has 8 Sticks.  We sell packs individually or you can be six packs for the cost of five.


Description of Hem Clove-Cinnamon Incense:

Do you need an incense meant to mellow out your mind? If so, Hem Clove-Cinnamon incense is a great choice. Besides just smelling great the many benefits make it an obvious choice. For example this incense can strengthen memory, provide protection, elevate your vibrations, stimulate clairvoyance, increase focus and help with concentration.


Start with closing your eyes.  Then turn your focus towards your breath. Now imagine yourself emitting a warm, illuminating radiance.  Next envision anything that has been disturbing your peace dissipating. Finally, see yourself elevating out of the realm of influence of negative things and rising to a level of new possibilities.

Additional information

Weight .602 oz
Dimensions 11 × .75 × .75 in
Number of packs

1 pack for $1.11, 6 packs for $5.55


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