Hem Cedar Incense



Uses of Hem Cedar Incense

  • Offering to the spirit world
  • Amplifying prayer
  • Aiding visions
  • Assists in grounding
  • Cultivating strength
  • Developing a strong foundation

1 Pack has 8 Sticks.  We sell packs individually or you can be six packs for the cost of five.


Description of Hem Cedar Incense:

Do you need an incense that can help you stay rooted but work with spirit?  Hem Cedar Incense does that and smells great too.  For one thing it’s able to function as  an offering to the spirit world, amplify prayer, and aid visions.  However, it works  to promote grounding, cultivate strength and develop a strong foundation.

Visualization for Cedar:

To begin close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Then visualize a wise and friendly spirit in front of you.  Imagine yourself asking for their aid. Open your mind to receiving these gifts. While you are told where you need to focus your energy imagine your legs turning into the roots of a tree.  Feel yourself harnessing the power of the earth as you stabilize into an immovable force. Finally, end this practice with gratitude and a smile.

Additional information

Weight .602 oz
Dimensions 11 × .75 × .75 in
Number of packs

1 pack for $1.11, 6 packs for $5.55


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