Assorted Engraved Brazilian Agate Clocks



Assorted Engraved Brazilian Agate Clock Face with American Mini quartz movement, 1 AA Battery, wall mount and stand.

Item dimensions listed are for packaging not the product itself.

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Natural Lotus BAC7BRM115, Natural Lotus BAC7BRM12, Natural Growth BAC5BRM217, Natural CF BAC6BRCF16, Natural IF BAC8BRTRI13, Natural Growth BAC10BRM211, Blue CF BAC7BLUCF10, Natural Hibiscus BAC6BRM59, Natural Celestial BAC6BRM38, Natural Sri Yantra BAC6BRSRY6, Natural Spider Web BAC6BRM44, Natural Growth BAC6BRM23, Blue CF BAC7BLUCF1, Natural CF BAC8BRCF14, Natural CF BAC5BRCF7

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