Moon Void Tarot Review

The Moon Void Tarot at a Glance

The Moon Void Tarot, created by Stefani Caponi, has a presence that invites both reader and querent alike to color the images with their experiences.  I was instantly infatuated when I came across the cards roughly a year ago. As someone who relies on color symbolism in readings the decks largely monochromatic nature caught my eye. After having the opportunity to explore the cards, I’d love to tell you my top 5 cards.

My Moon Void Tarot Top 5 Cards


The Lovers

Stefani Caponi’s version of the lovers card shows what true love is about.  Two completed individuals coming together and forming something greater than the two individual parts.  


9 of Swords

This depiction of the nine of swords is a perfect expression of what the card is about. The suit of swords represents our thoughts and the 9 represents fruition.  The fruit of an untrained mind is anxiety, depression and despair. 


The Moon

Next we examine the Moon, which I love for a few reasons. In Numerology, 18 would reduce to 9, the Hermit. For me the cabin represents the space needed for isolation and reflection.  I also am enamored with the crescent moon and the energy it brings.


10 of Cups

My reason for the 10 of cups making the list is honestly a little a sappy. To me finding my person has weighed heavy on my heart for a lot of years.  So happiness to me, would be confronting infinity with a deeply connected partner.


The Star

Finally, we come to the star card.  Which is possibly my favorite.  I love the balance of white and black because to me, it’s what the card is about. Despite times being difficult, we must get down to our naked self and connect with the divine hope that is embodied in all of us. 

The Moon Void Tarot and Me

The Moon Void Tarot hold’s a special place in my heart because I had the honor of discussing every card at length with it’s creator Stefani Caponi. Despite what seems like an obvious bias it’s worth noting that I found the cards intriguing enough to strike up a conversation with a total stranger on instagram.  So the cards natural appeal enticed me to indulge my curiosity which lead to conversation and further love of the cards. 

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