Mantra of the Light of the Second Life

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A day star does hover on the horizon

burning clear the ties that bind

Justice is in the process

of soothing the conflict of my mind

discontent overcome in meditation

As my intuition does rise

A path through all my problems

Turns them into rewards from the sky

A connection to the source

Starlight behind my eyes

A rebirth from living death

converts a demon to my side

I am no longer controlled

I am no longer just a shade

I have found a path to peace

In my former self’s grave

I rise up from the ashes

The dove unburnt by flames

A prophet of the Phoenix

as my soul claims another name

Ross Cessna

Ross Cessna

I'm a dog lover, a coffee enthusiast, avid reader, explorer of nature and occasional video gamer. On the weekends I'm an ever evolving fractal of the infinite universe.

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