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More about the Mystic Mentorship Life Coaching

The Mystic Mentorship Life Coaching program is a unique blend of spirituality, personal development and metaphysics!

Many life coaching programs only deal with the symptoms of your problems.  Not only does the Mystic Mentorship program give you the tools to acknowledge and correct any issues, it also empowers you to take positive actions!

The short answer is provable results from lived experience and hours of study. 

The mystic mentorship draws on lots of different methods.  Some of them include tarot reading, reiki healing, yoga nidra, magick, the law of attraction and more!

4  One Hour Live Video Coaching Sessions

4 Weeks of Home assignments

4  Mini tarot readings (1 per week)

4 Weeks of access to messenger

Week one is about Self-Awareness.  It involves a chakra test and a tarot reading!

This week helps you understand yourself on a deeper level so we can begin your healing!

Week two is about healing.  It involves a personal inventory and a reiki healing session!

This week helps you heal old wounds so you can move forward!

Week three is about intention!  It inovles creating a San Kalpa, a definite chief aim and tapping into the 5 elements of personal development!

This week gives you a clear plan forward!

Week four helps you plan a daily schedule that reinforces what you’ve learned in this process. 

You will also get a small tarot reading and a reiki healing!

If you have any questions or concerns contact us!

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