How to Create a Grounding Ritual

How to create a grounding ritual in 3 steps

If your reading this, you’re likely wondering how to create a grounding ritual. However, if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about or why that would be helpful. Let me explain all of this from the beginning.

What is Grounding?

In spiritual circles grounding deals with the ability to face reality. If you’ve ever felt like life isn’t real, are dealing with racing thoughts, or have unrelenting anxiety, you could probably use some grounding!

How can a grounding ritual help?

While your view of magic and ritual may be different, I enjoy looking at the practical side. On a tangible level creating a situation that helps you focus on being present, feeling safe, and calming your mind, is helpful. You are also breaking out of a routine and trying something new that will disrupt the old pattern.

However, let’s not forget the intangible benefits of doing this practice. Despite my best efforts to remain practical, there always seems to be a problematic aspect in every esoteric experiment. Now, your results may vary, but you won’t know if you don’t try. Let me know about your results in the comments below.

"Magic is for those with nothing to lose or everything to lose."

How to Create a Grounding Ritual - Self Reflection

How to Create a grounding ritual Step 1


The beginning of creating a good spell or ritual is self-awareness. Begin by getting clear on your why. Sit down with a sheet of paper and ask yourself these few questions:

1) How is being ungrounded impacting me?

2) How will being grounded benefit me?

3) What are the practical actions I can take to achieve similar results?

4) Am I willing to do the commonsense things and the ritual together?

Practical actions are a type of magic few are willing to tame.

How to Create a Grounding Ritual - Healing

How to Create a grounding ritual Step 2


When you’re doing a ritual, adding a sprinkle of healing is always helpful, in my opinion. The reason being, if you don’t heal the issue, it will continue to show up. Rather than telling you what to use in your ritual, I’ll make suggestions instead.

Helpful healing energies to consider for your ritual.

1) Location – It’s a grounding ritual, so being outside in a quite an uninterrupted space is highly suggested.

My favorite spots for grounding rituals are: in the woods, in a field, or a rocky area!

What place by you offers this and would be healing?

2) Scent – Despite people poo-pooing on aromatherapy, it’s incredibly useful and has science to support.

My favorite grounding scents are Benzoin, Cedar, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood.

What scents make you feel grounded, safe, and calm?

3) Objects – Stones are an obvious choice, but you don’t have to limit yourself.

My favorite grounding stones are Hematite, Garnet, and Black Tourmaline!

Other grounding objects could be an anchor, a personal item or something more abstract!

Do you have any items that make you feel grounded or safe?

How to Create a Grounding Ritual - Intention

How to Create a grounding ritual Step 3


Your intention is possibly the most critical part of the entire ritual. On one-hand, you should consider the results you desire. On the other hand, you are instilling your beliefs into this practice.

1) What do I hope to achieve with this practice?

2) Is there an invocation of an archetype that could benefit this?

3) Am I confident in this ritual?

4) What are some other actions I can take after this ritual to help boost it’s effectiveness?

Final Thoughts

You build confidence with experience. If you are new to creating personal rituals, excellent, these tips will help you a good deal. You’ve got to start somewhere, and the sooner, the better.

TLDR - How to create a grounding ritual

1) Self Awareness

What’s in my control, and what’s out of my control?
Am I willing to do what I can to change this on a practical level?

2) Healing

What items or objects that are associated with groundedness do I like?
What personal items do I connect with being grounded?
What places would work for this ritual?


What do positive results look like to me?
What archetype or deity can Invoke?
Do I feel confident about this? If not, what could help me?

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