Heart Chakra Quiz

Fast 4 question Heart Chakra Quiz

Taking a Heart Chakra quiz can help you determine if you need to put a little extra effort into your fourth chakra. I think you’d agree that we need more compassion and understanding for our fellow human beings now more than ever. Thankfully the more you open up your heart to others, the more you can open it up to yourself!

What is the Heart Chakra?

Besides forming the center of one’s humanity and empathy, the heart chakra is also responsible for love! In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called the Anahata chakra, which means “unbroken” or “whole” chakra. Consider this a reminder that no matter what happens in life, love is always available to reunite us with comfort and strength!

Signs of a Healthy Heart Chakra

When you have a healthy heart chakra, you radiate love and compassion to those around you. It doesn’t mean you never encounter anger, sadness, or frustration, though. If your Heart Chakra is balanced, you still get the full spectrum of human experiences. However, you can quickly resolve any issues into a heart-centered perspective!

Signs of a Blocked Heart Chakra

When you have a blocked heart chakra, life is more challenging than it needs to be. Generally, the difficulties associated with blocked heart chakra are intolerance, anger, and isolation. It’s also important to consider that because the heart chakra is centralized, an imbalance here can throw off all your other chakras!

4 Question Heart Chakra Quiz

  • Is it difficult for you to let other people into your life?
  • Do you feel lonely or isolated?
  • Do you have problems sustaining friendships?
  • Do social situations leave you tired and worn out?

Results for the Heart Chakra Quiz

Answering yes to two or more of these questions shows that you have a blocked heart chakra! Not to worry, a few small changes to your lifestyle can have a significant impact! Here are a few actions you can take!


Early on in my healing journey, Aromatherapy played a critical role, and it still helps me today! I’ve found that rose, jasmine, and tarragon are beautiful scents that help revitalize this chakra! You can use them in a diffuser, put a few drops in a bath, or even ask a masseuse to blend them into your massage oil!

Healing with Plants

Several helpful herbs for this chakra are Whitehorn, thyme, and Melissa!*

Drinking two large cups of Whitehorn or Melissa tea per day is helpful for this chakra!

Thyme honey whine is another helpful healing agent for the heart chakra!

*(Use these recipes at your own risk. While they are safe, everyone’s unique body chemistry may yield different results.)

Whitehorn tea recipe

Steep one tablespoon of Whitehorn in 1 cup of boiling water for 15 minutes before straining and drinking!

Melissa tea recipe

Steep one tablespoon dried Melissa flowers in 1 cup of boiling water for 8 minutes before straining and drinking.

Thyme honey wine

Heat 1 liter of red wine on low heat before adding four tablespoons of dried time and four tablespoons of honey. Let the mixture stand for one week, then strain and take two tablespoons three times a day!

Gemstone therapy

Here are some suggested gemstones for this chakra!

Learn more about these stones next week in our article on healing crystals for the heart chakra!

After taking the Heart Chakra Quiz

If you’ve found that your heart chakra is blocked, don’t worry! You can quickly get it back to a healthier space! However, unless you address the root causes that initially put it out of balance, you will just be spinning your wheels! That’s why working with a trained energy healer can be helpful!

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