Heart Chakra Crystals

3 Awesome Heart Chakra Crystals

Your Heart Chakra is your source of love, empathy, compassion, and community! Another overlooked facet of your fourth chakra is it is the bridge between your higher and lower chakras! Heart Chakra crystals can help you heal or improve this chakra! While all chakras are equally important, the health of this chakra has broader implications on all the others! Let’s see what crystals can help you care for it!

What is the Heart Chakra?

Your heart chakra is an energy center located along your spine in the center of your chest! The Anahata chakra is responsible for love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, and warm-heartedness! Additionally, it is the unifying force of all the other chakras!

What does the Heart Chakra govern?

Remember to consider the location of the chakra when trying to understand what they govern. With this in mind, you’ll see the Heart Chakra helps regulate the heart, the lungs, and the circulation of energy throughout the body. Another critical role is the glandular functions of the thymus, which helps maintain a healthy immune syst

How can you tell if your heart chakra is balanced?

When your heart chakra is working correctly, you will generally be more compassionate and considerate towards yourself and others. You will radiate good-will, be open to new ideas, and tolerant of different approaches to life. In general, someone with a balanced heart chakra will be loving and kind.

How can you tell if your heart chakra is unbalanced?

When your heart chakra is unbalanced, it’s fairly obvious.  Often people with a blocked heart chakra will be bitter and heartless. As a result, they are likely lonely and have a hard time connecting with others.   Unsurprisingly this tends to cause isolation and feelings of disconnection.  Alternatively,  issues within the heart chakra may manifest in feelings of being overwhelmed by others and losing your identity!

Heart Chakra Crystals

If you have a blocked heart chakra, crystals can help! Generally, holding them in your hands or placing them on the body in the chakra area transfers their healing properties. Here are my favorite heart chakra crystals!


One of the most potent heart chakra crystals that should be worn sparingly due to overstimulation. Emeralds not only bring domestic bliss and loyalty; they also enhance unity and unconditional love!  Other benefits include aiding partnerships and promoting friendships.  It’s easy to see why this stone is also called the”stone of successful love.”


A gentle stone for attuning you to the needs of others and inspiring wisdom to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Jade also stabilizes personalities and integrates the mind a body! This stone encourages you to be who you are and accept others as they are! It’s no wonder why the ancient Mayans called this stone the “sovereign of harmony.”

Rose quartz

A subtle stone that can help emphasize self-love by balancing all the chakras! It gradually removes negativity and softly reminds us not to rush in our healing journeys. This tender approach also helps us bring a calm peacefulness into our relationships. One of the nicknames for Rose Quartz is the “stone of gentle love.”

In Closing

Working with Heart Chakra Crystals is a beautiful starting point on your healing journey, but remember, you don’t have to go it alone. While working with an energy healer isn’t necessary, it can be helpful and may speed up your recovery process. Always be sure to read the reviews of any healer you’re considering to make sure they are right for you! Please feel free to ask me questions or book a healing session with me if you need more help!

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