Fire Dance of Creativity

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Spark of Creativity

from ashes, I have risen

to ashes, I shall return

no matter of destination

in the interim, I burn

a billion times a billion

stars inside my mind

they are the source of light

causing my soul to shine

I dance amongst the flames

A whirling dervish

with no religion

A spiritual being

thankful for what I’ve been given

I create to free my soul

from the shackles of my flesh

I create to become whole

in those moments I am the best

I create to inspire

I create to bring peace

I create because I desire

To be more man than beast

So dance upon my pyre

We will sing a cheerful dirge

As the flames reach ever higher

Our former selves are purged

We dance for we are living

We dance for we will die

We dance while we are on the earth

We dance when we return to infinite sky

We are the crazy children

of infinity

We are the crazy children

imprisoned to be set free

dance within your speaking

dance within your acts

dance within your paintbrushes

dance within your pacts

You are an eternal ember

that dances in the flames

while this fire will burn out

it will be restored again

Nothing is ever lost

It just changes shape

fire to smoke into infinity

a chain that never breaks



Ross Cessna

Ross Cessna

I'm a dog lover, a coffee enthusiast, avid reader, explorer of nature and occasional video gamer. On the weekends I'm an ever evolving fractal of the infinite universe.

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