Emotional Cleansing Ritual

3 tips for making an emotional cleansing ritual

What is an emotional cleansing ritual?

An emotional cleansing ritual is an act of mindfully purging old and stagnant emotional energy. Think of the various types of physical hygiene you do. Now ask yourself if you ever consciously practice an emotional equivalent.

How can an emotional cleansing ritual help?

Think of your energy centers like the plumbing in your house. Typically it’s job is to bring in freshwater and remove wastewater. However, sometimes things clog up the works. When this happens, you can’t remove the waste or add fresh water until you deal with it. This ritual keeps your energy centers flowing freely!

How to create an emotional cleansing ritual

Considering all of us experience life through our perception, flexibility in any ritual is essential. However, in my experience, there are several critical components to make a great ritual. I’ll offer a couple of suggestions for each element!

Step 1

Every ritual should begin with an understanding of the issue at hand. To make the most of this ritual, we need to examine our emotions consciously. Here are a few suggested ways to do this.

Journaling – I believe journalling before a ritual is essential, no matter what you are trying to achieve. It allows you to get clear on what you hope to accomplish. In this instance, I would suggest journaling on the top 3 emotionally charged situations you’ve recently encountered.

Step 2 - Healing

While I don’t think crystals and incense are the only solutions for healing, they add a nice touch. Here are a few of my suggestions for this ritual:



If you’d like to learn more about these items, please read my article on 3 awesome sacral chakra healing crystals.

Step 3 - Intention

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Honestly, all of the previous steps are in place to refine your intention to a laser focus. Your intention is the catalyst behind all rituals and magic. However, some things can help carry it further.

For this ritual, I would suggest creating a sigil for emotional cleansing. If you’re not sure what a sigil is, please check out this video on youtube.

Putting it all together

Start your ritual by lighting your incense and pleasingly arranging your crystals. Next, reflect on what you’ve already journaled. You will stir up the emotional energy and bring it to the top. It may be uncomfortable at first, but remember why you are here (intention). Finally, channel the power of those emotions into your sigil and visualize it purifying them as it passes through.

Final Thoughts

This guide is intentionally sparse because the best rituals are self-created and driven. My main focus here is to present you with a simple to follow template for constructing your emotional cleansing ritual. Tinker, adapt, rearrange, omit, and expand where needed.


How to make an emotional cleansing ritual

1) Self Reflection – get clear on what you up against and what you hope to accomplish

2) Healing – Include some items that can help facilitate in healing your wounds

3) Intention – Condense what you hope to achieve into a sigil

4) Set up your environment with healing tools, reflect on the emotions, channel their power into your sigil. Viola.

In Closing

You don’t have to go through this alone.   As a trained Reiki Master, I can help you cleanse your emotions. However, the ultimate goal of every healer should be to teach their clients how to heal themselves. While I give all the answers away for free you can work with me directly in the mystic mentorship program! If you would like to ask questions or book a session, my inbox is always open.

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