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While we all have natural healing abilities learning how to use them can take time.  Working with a trained reiki healer can help you get the relief you need while you develop your own abilities!  This is only a step in your process, not the final desitnation. 

Access to energy healing has never been easier!

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We promise your solution will be clear, practical, and actionable. Try our services risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Over 99% of our reviews are positive!

Here’s what clients are saying! 

My anxiety was through the roof.... but after my session, I finally felt at peace. His style is unique and therapeutic with a heart centered approach. He’s a genuine soul with a true gift!
I received a reiki healing session from him and it was illuminating! I definitely felt an emotional and energetic shift and release. I look forward to my next session and I highly recommended Ross if you are looking for a healer!
I throughly enjoyed working with Ross! The Reiki healing was simply amazing. I felt the difference-right away. He walks you through each step, and is very calming and centering.

Distance Reiki Healing FAQ

We offer several different methods for our distance reiki healing sessions.

Real time – Connect via video chat and receive energy healing in real time

Preset- Reiki is sent out to be received at a date and time specified by the client.

Queued – Reiki is sent out and can be called in at the clients convenience. 

You can reschedule your appointment directly from your confirmation email up to 24 hours in advance.

That depends on what works best for you.  Ross does his best to remain rested throughout the day by taking breaks as needed!

No, they don’t.  You can either have a phone session or even a no contact live session. 

No, we don’t.  However, we do offer a 14-day risk free money back guarantee on all of our services.

Distance Reiki Healing Tips

Finding a place where you are comfortable and won’t have interruptions is best!

Put your phone on do not disturb, take the dog out before the call, etc.

If you’re able to rest or meditate before the reading do so.  

Caffeine can limit your ability to receive the full benefits of healing. 

Some clients have noted feeling more emotional and occasionally worse 24-48 hours after a session.  This is normal as your energy centers are releasing old energy and repressed emotions.  Please contact us if you are concerned by this process.

About the Reiki Healer

Ross’ healing abilities came in the traditional “wounded healer” story.  After issues with mental health and substance misuse Ross was left to face the wreckage of his life.  This led him on a journey of self-discovery and healing.  At one point he decided to study Practical Reiki and eventually earned the title of Reiki Master.

Ross’ healing journey began back in 2016 and he has been a Reiki master since the spring of 2019!

Ross has studied Practical Reiki, which was an adaptation of Usui Reiki.  Practical Reiki was developed to make energy healing more accepted into traditional western medicine.  It worked as now more traditional methods of Reiki are available at leading hospitals!

Like many other healers, Ross has gone through an intense personal transformation on his journey.  His unique talent is helping put esoteric concepts into easily understandable forms!

Yes, he does.  However, there are not currently any classes scheduled. To inquire about learning from Ross please message him directly!

Book your healing session today!

No matter if you are trying to heal physical pain, overcome emotional wounds, or just need help balancing your chakras we’ve got you covered!  Quickly and easily book an appointment from the comfort of your own home.  Best of all the entire process is risk free with our 14-day risk free money back guarantee!

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