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3 Steps for creating a transformational communication ritual

Communication can make or break all different types of relationships. While it may come naturally to some, you may not be so fortunate. Have you ever struggled with expressing your feelings or finding the right words? If so, a communication ritual can help!

What is a Communication Ritual?

Unsurprisingly, a communication ritual is a ritual focused on increasing your ability to communicate more effectively. You will be using self-awareness, healing, and intention to embed a new set of habits into your consciousness. Ironically, enough it’s a form of communication, and practice makes perfect.

How can creating a Communication Ritual help?

As cliche as it sounds, your energy flows where your attention goes. Generally, people tend to focus on their problems, not solutions. So if you spend most of your time thinking about how poorly you communicate, you’re only reinforcing the issue. However, when you take the time and energy to focus on a better outcome, you’re naturally drawn to better results.

Steps for creating a Communication Ritual

Step 1 - Self Awareness

You are the central factor in your communications, and many issues can be resolved by slowing down and looking at yourself. For this step to work, you need a high level of self-honesty. Another crucial component here is mustering up as much objectivity as you can. With those assets in tow, you can respond to these questions in a journal!


1) Are you better at speaking or listening to others? Why?
2) What prevents you from fully participating in the other behavior?
3) How could strengthening your weaknesses help yourself and others?
4) Do you listen to hear what others say, or are you only waiting for your time to speak?
5) What is one of your communication pet peeves? Do you do that yourself?
6) What are three things that could make you a better communicator?

How to create a Communication Ritual

Step 2: Healing

Now that you’ve looked at the role you play in your communications a little more in-depth, it’s time to bring in some healing energy!  It’s always wise to address your problems before beginning to heal.  This way, you are healing the root cause rather than the symptom!

Communication Healing practices

1) 3 crystals for the throat chakra
2) 5 habits for a healthy throat chakra
3) Sing along with your favorite songs
4) Diffuse Eucalyptus Oil
5) Practice some breathing exercises

How to create a Communication Ritual

Step 3: Intention

If you’re new to spirituality, magic, or my blog, you may not know what I’m about to say, and it always bears repeating. Your intention is everything. The lack of intentionality or thought behind many of our actions is the cause of many problems you may face. The other major issue would be improperly aligned intentions.

Communication Affirmation

Say this to yourself:
I, (Your Name), intend to express myself clearly and directly. I will actively listen to what others are telling me and respond with compassion and equanimity. My communication style focuses on doing no harm but taking no shit. I actively work on establishing health connections through the free expression of my real thoughts and feelings. I am safe to tell others what’s really on my mind!

Closing Thoughts

Like all the rituals I share, these steps are only starting points. You are encouraged to remove or add whatever seems appropriate to you. In my experience, the real power of rituals comes primarily from imbuing it with your heartfelt intuition. However, when starting, a template can go a long way towards helping you to construct your view. These steps are here to help you gain confidence in forming your ritual!

If you need additional help schedule an appointment with me!

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