Changing our definition of fun

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How many people actually know how to have fun anymore?  As we grow and develop we are constantly changing our definition of fun.  However, it seems more and more common that fun isn’t fun anymore.


Our earliest concept of fun

I can remember as a kid, that fun consisted of new experiences, new people, and new places.  Fun was something that was created often using the collective imagination of our family, friends and ourselves.  It was pretending we were people we weren’t, in situations we weren’t in, playing board games, watching movies, reading books, seeing our friends, art and other kinds of creativity.

A young adult and teen’s concept of fun

By now we have been scolded, told to grow up, and reject our old definition of fun. We are also told we too young for certain things.  This makes sense later as an adult but I think many kids may find this a paradox, even if they don’t understand the word. We begin to play sports, which can be fun but can also be extremely stressful to many kids.  Many of us this age are also heavy into playing video games, reading odd books, watching odd movies, and listening to odd music.  Some of us even develop our skills in changing our brain chemistry as a sort of fun.  Our fun has begun to become intermeshed with negative elements and stress.  Again time and again will begin changing our definition of fun.

An “adult’s” concept of fun

So our old ways of having fun have now become more intertwined with negative elements and stress.  I don’t say this across the board for everyone but for many people, this is a truth they may not like to admit.  We have fun watching violent movies, we have fun by watching other adults fight on tv, we have fun by watching other people do things we could do, we have fun by “making fun” of others, we have fun by watching sports and demoralizing the opposing teams and their fans.  Some of our other concepts of fun are that same use of drugs and alcohol that has now grown into consuming our lives.  Many of us don’t know how to have fun without having a beer, taking a couple tokes or popping a pill. With “fun” like this, it is obvious to me that we should continue evolving our definition of fun.

A mature concept of fun

I say the following hypothetically because I am by no means mature.  Fun should be following our passions, fun should be being around the people we love, fun should be using our imagination, fun should be creating, fun should be altruism, fun should be learning a new skill, fun should be traveling to new places, fun should be meeting new people, fun should be new experiences fun should be our lives.  Western culture has taught us to work job’s we hate, to buy things we don’t need and to spend whatever is left over after necessities on purchasing fun that rests on the horizon. Thankfully, culturally, we do seem to be changing our definition of fun.


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Ross Cessna

Ross Cessna

I'm a dog lover, a coffee enthusiast, avid reader, explorer of nature and occasional video gamer. On the weekends I'm an ever evolving fractal of the infinite universe.

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