Root Chakra Test

Anxious? Take this Quick 4 questions Root Chakra Quiz now!

Stop anxiety fast by taking a quick 4 questions Root Chakra Quiz from Reiki Master, Ross Cessna.

  • Root Chakra issues are increasingly common.
  • Balancing your Chakras isn’t difficult.
  • Chakra tests make it easy to identify if you have a problem
  • Take our quick 4 question Root Chakra quiz

Before you take the Root Chakra quiz, let’s look at some facts! Roughly 25% percent of adults have a mental illness. Even more shocking, an estimated 9.5% of adults suffer from anxiety! Anxiety is a symptom of an imbalance in your root chakra! While chakra balancing doesn’t replace traditional therapy, it can help the healing process.

What is the Root chakra?

The Root Chakra is the foundation of the Vedic Chakra system. It is the first of the in-body charkas and rests at the base of the spine.

From here energy channels or nadis arise and carry subtle life energy throughout the body. This chakra plays an essential role in maintaining a physical and psychological foundation in our lives.

Other names for this chakra include Muladhara, Base, First, Red, Coccygeal, and Coccyx Chakra.

Signs of a healthy Mulhadara Chakra

When energy flows freely in the Muladhara charka it is easy to be secure in your existence in the world. You are steady on your feet and not easily thrown by circumstances around you.

As a result of a strong foundation, you feel secure and protected. A sense of rootedness is the best starting point for a successful life.

Therefore, a healthy first chakra is a source of enormous amounts of energy, and an especially strong will to live. You have high amounts of stamina and the ability to see things through to the end.

Signs of an unhealthy Base Chakra?

Although we may work hard to stay grounded blockages in the base chakra account for ruptures in one’s harmonious relationship with Mother Earth. A lack of this chakra’s energy is evidenced by lassitude, apathy, and lack of trust in life.

In such cases, the Muladhara energy needs to be aroused and cultivated through the recommended exercises. In time they will lead to stability, confidence, and serenity.

4 question Root Chakra quiz!

  • Are your basic needs being met?
  • Do you feel safe?
  • Are you feeling connected to your physical body?
  • Do you feel connected to nature?
If you answered no, to more than 2 questions you have a blocked root chakra.

What Now?

You can unblock and balance your own chakras or you can speed up the process by booking a reiki session with a certified reiki healer!

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