Spiritual Phoenix Studios is owned and operated by Ross Cessna and his mother Karen.

Ross is the driving force and public face of the business. He loves dogs, disc golf, a good cup of coffee and long walks in nature.

Karen is the crystal loving and camera shy lady behind the scenes.  She also loves dogs, dancing, chocolate and every crystal ever.



We are on an online metaphysical shop that is focused on providing goods and services that promote personal development.

At this time our services include tarot reading and reiki healing. These can be done in person and online.

Our online store has a wide array of high quality crystals and incense at incredibly reasonable prices.  You can also see a small selection of our inventory at live events.



The business began when Ross began to document his recovery from serious mental illness and addiction. He began speaking about his experiences and realized he had a message to sharee with the world.

We want to help people learn to navigate difficult situations , overcome obstacles, and live fulfilling lives with purpose.  There is a lot of information out there about change but rarely do you get the opportunity to see someone completely untangle their life.

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