Healthier Root Chakra

5 simple habits for a healthier root chakra

How to get a healthier root chakra?

Having a healthier root chakra is directly connected to your habits. Your routine can make or break you. Unfortunately, the security we find in our daily routine can also be a trap. Here are a few easy habits for healthier root chakras.

Healthier Root Chakra - Walks in Nature

1) Walks in Nature

Stop living your life breathing recycled air, staring at a screen, under artificial light. The average American spends an estimated 93% of their life indoors! Spending as little 5 minutes in nature a day can dramatically increase your overall happiness and reduce anxiety. This stability in mood is directly connected to a healthier root chakra!

Healthier Root Chakra - Caring for plants

2) Caring for plants

Brighten your living space with some houseplants.  Besides helping purify the air, houseplants are shown to help reduce stress and anxiety! Having a living thing to care for can help you be more present and mindful.  Plants are also good reminders to stay rooted!

Healthier Root Chakra - Aromatherapy

3) Aromatherapy

Using essential oils or burning incense can help keep you grounded.  Our sense of smell is linked to our limbic system which deals with emotions. While some may write off aromatherapy, there’s a lot of scientific evidence supporting the benefits. Science has even gone as far as showing the benefits of specific scents. 

Healthier Root Chakra - Earthing

4) Earthing

Walking around barefoot isn’t just for hippies! Evidence shows that earthing helps with reducing stress, balancing emotions, and replenishing vitamin D! You can start earthing with as little as 5 minutes daily! When you feel comfortable gradually increase your time!

Healthier Root Chakra - Acceptance and Fatih

5) Acceptance and faith

Allowing situations to be what they are and believing things will be ok regardless is potent medicine. Overwhelming evidence shows the power of belief.  Focusing on what is, rather than what you want, and believing things will be ok regardless is magical.  Allowing life to be just as it is will give you a freedom few find. 

Benefits of a healthier Root Chakra

Practicing one or more of these a day will give you a stronger foundation and a healthier root chakra. Going forward, facing the challenges of healing the other chakras will be easier! If you’re not sure about your Root Chakra take this quick 4 question quiz! Combining several of these habits with root chakra healing stones will give you even better results! Finally, if you need extra help, book a reiki healing session!

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